The experts on staff at Mayday have extensive professional experience as senior commanders of elite anti-terror units with the finest reputations in the world.  The team includes personnel who were in charge for national security matters at upper command levels; military unit instructors; intelligence unit commanders; officers of special intelligence services; original members of the EL AL Sky Marshal elite unit; and security experts from airlines and international airports, government installations, educational facilities, and academic campuses. 

Our experts have experience that includes:

  • Formulation of terrorist behavioral profiling & Behavior Pattern Recognition systems
  • Development & implementation of security programs for large corporations operating in high-risk countries
  • Executive security & emergency evacuation programs
  • Ongoing security consultation to domestic corporate management departments
  • Are intimately familiar with the methodologies of terrorists & the vulnerabilities that determine where they elect to attack
  • Have years of operational intelligence studying terrorists' social backgrounds, their cultural influences and structures, & the fundamental motivations that cause them to join violent organizations
  • Development & implementation of security programs & airport security management training
  • Have assisted in the development of security protocols & anti-terror protection guidelines for government consulates & embassies in foreign countries & for their dignitaries & staff