Pre-emptive Counter-Terrorism Strategies

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In our increasingly dangerous times, every organization must assess its ability to manage both domestic crisis and violent terrorist incidents. MAYDAY provides cutting-edge security solutions that focus on training personnel to act as a critical element in the organization’s security plan. Our primary focus is on providing the highest standard of training available in preemptive counter-terrorism strategies and techniques to protect both people and assets.

The potentially disastrous impact of a terrorist attack on the public threatens the freedom of the American way of life. This critical need requires that trainees are aware of this risk, and are able to react in a preventive way. The expert staff at Mayday strongly believes that providing the highest level of defense against a violent attack requires teaching people how to better recognize a threat ahead and know exactly what to do in the event an incident should occur. The Mayday program will show exactly how to predict, detect, and neutralize the threat.

Mayday offers unique training methods created by security and intelligence experts who are among the leading figures in counter terrorism operations, government facility protection and aviation security. Mayday’s founder, an original member of the El-Al Airlines Sky Marshal elite unit, was with the initial cadre that developed the program of detecting and recognizing suspicious behavior of terrorists. This program known today as behavior pattern recognition strategies is proven to be the best in deterring terrorists and criminals.

Utilizing a combination of formats, Mayday provides instruction in a wide variety of intelligence & awareness techniques, behavior analysis, and in the psychology & strategy of terrorists. This comprehensive approach teaches essential skills such as screening in crowded environments, identifying indicators of suspicious behavior and critical response methods that can prevent a potential attack.

Mayday experts combine the strengths of Israeli security methods with specialists who have unparalleled, hands-on security expertise in designing and implementing state-of-the-art security methodologies and operations. We offer training programs designed for both public and private organizations, law enforcement agencies, as well as for academic and educational environments.

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